Suppliers of cool air blowers, high volume air ventilators, air blower motors, pneumatic blowers, compressed air blowers, suction pressure blowers, air blower compressores, high pressure axial fans, propeller fans, axial prop fans, industrial fan motors, big industrial fans, large industrial ventilators, industrial blower systems, explosion proof ventilation fans, rooftop fans and ventilators, shop fans, building ventilation fans.  Replacement Garden City Flakt / ABB industrial fan blower wheel blades and plug fan cartridges, Garden City Fan ventilator wheel impellers. Engineering of stainless steel Garden City Flakt / Woods blower fan wheels and special alloy stainless steel Garden City ABB / Flakt ventilator blades and fan impellers. Quick delivery of Garden City Flakt Woods fan blower wheel blades and pressure blowers.











OEM Fan and Blower Components

Fan and Blower Impellers











Replacement Garden City industrial fan blower wheel impeller
Radial blower replacement Garden City fan impeller blade
Fan impeller replacement Garden City blower wheel blade for high temperature
High temperature axial fan wheel blade


Fan / Blower Housings


Replacement industrial process OEM fan blower houisng


Plug Fans, Centrifugal and Axial
Oven circulation industrial centrifugal high temperature fan blower

Industrial high temperature plug fans, centrifugal and axial.


Fan Air-Kits oven circulating fan kit high temperature


We Specialize in
- quick deliver of fan and blower wheels
- exact duplication of competitors blower blades and fan wheels
- special construction: high temperature, stainless, FRP, high-tech alloys blowers
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Manufacturer of I.D. blowers, F.D. blowers, force draft fans, force draft blowers, blow off ventilators / fans, PVC FRP SST ventilators, squirrel cage blower fans, high pressure centrifugal ventilators, Chicago blowers, aluminum fans, stainless steel ventilators, hot air blowers, heating fans, high temperature oven ventilators, high pressure air blowers, squirrel cage blower wheels, Peerless Dayton ventilators, Sheldons blowers, New York fans NYB, TCF, Delhi fans blowers.
Heavy-duty high CFM industrial and custom built OEM blowers; fans; industrial ventilation equipment; air handling units AHU; direct and in-direct gas fired airhandlers; HVAC power roof and wall ventilators and duct fans; multistage, positive displacement, regenerative blowers, pneumatic positive displacement, regenerative blowers negative pressure blowers, wall mounted fans and blowers, swing out fans and blowers, easy access construction fans, turbo blowers, tunnel fans, mining fans and blowers, ventilating fans and blowers, air-curtain fans, air turbine fans, industrial baking fans, fan housings and blades, engineering services for fans and blowers, booster fans, inlet fans, ceiling fans, drying fans, two-speed fans and blowers, variable and multi-speed fans and blowers, duct fans, electric fans and blowers, explosion proof fans and blowers, inline fans, kiln fans, OEM fans and blowers, pedestal and flange mounted fans and blowers, fan propellers, rebuild fans, re-built fans and blowers, reversible fans, roof fans, spark-proof fans wall exhaust and supply fans, roof ventilators, propellers, recirculators, spun aluminum fans and exhausters, mushroom roof ventilators and exhausters, fire and smoke extractors and roof ventilators, emergency exhaust fans, mancoolers, oven fans and blowers, combustion chamber blowers, greenhouse fans, gravity ventilators centrifugal and inline axial fans and blowers, pressure blowers, high temperature and high pressure fans and blowers, pre-engineered, custom design fans and blowers  dust collection fans and blowers,
blowers for pneumatic conveying, material handling fans and blowers, radial, backward inclined, airfoil, radial tip, radial curved, LS, DH, PLR, forward curved, backward curved, acoustafoil, single thickness airfoil wheels and impellers smoke ventilators, propeller fans, exhaust silencers, exhaust systems, kitchen and restaurant panel exhaust fans, welding fume exhausters

Canada Blower is your sole source for industrial and commercial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment, high pressure blowers, industrial fans and ventilators, high temperature oven fans and blowers, centrifugal and axial blowers and fans. We offer engineered solutions, packaged fan, blowers, ventilators and custom industrial ventilating equipment.  Northern Industrial Fans & Blowers is the engineering representative for New York Blower, American Coolair Fans, Illinois Blower, Industrial Gas Engineering, American Coolair and ILG Fans. We also have access to all the other leading fan, blower and HVAC names through sub agent agreements and co-operative relationships.  Our focus is servicing Industrial and O.E.M. customers with both process fans and blowers and general ventilation Fans. Dependable & efficient fans, built to last.
 Canada Blower is a world leader in the manufacture of fans and blowers for industrial and commercial applications. The company offers material-handling fans, stainless-steel fans, pressure blowers, FRP fans, high-temperature fans, propeller fans, and axial-flow fans. Canada Blower Fans and Blowers has extensive experience in process and HVAC fan and blower applications.  We sell a wide variety of propeller fans, axial fans and blowers, upblast and recirculating roof exhausters and ventilators, spun aluminum domed centrifugal roof ventilators and wall fans, inline centrifugal fans and blowers, and gravity vent sets, high pressure blowers, high temperature fans.  We are a manufacturer or spun aluminum fans and ventilators such as up-blast roof exhausters and ventilators, "mushroom" type roof ventilators, and wall exhaust fans and blowers. 
Sales of industrial blowers, fans and ventilators, such as high temperature fans, high pressure blowers and explosion proof ventilators, stainless steel and special alloy construction. Quick delivery from stock of centrifugal and axial fans, blowers.
Industrial fans and pressure blowers, high temperature oven fans, high pressure blowers, centrifugal and axial blowers.  Sales of regenerative blowers, high pressure ventilators, positive displacement pressure blowers.

Canada Blower Compact Pressure Blowers

Canada Blower TPD, TPB, PW, KE, PB, HPPB, CB, E, R, RE, PB, PBA : industrial compact pressure blowers supplied in cast aluminum, cast iron, or all-welded construction to prevent flexing at high pressure. Available in direct drive arrangements 4/4V/4H/7/8 and belt drive arrangements 1/2/9/10. Capacities: to 5,000 CFM. Single stage pressure blowers develop up to 2 psi static pressure. Two stage pressure blowers and multistage pressure blowers are for higher pressure.

Aluminum wheel, Steel wheel, or Alloy wheel: industrial pressure blower and high pressure blower wheels are of riveted, cast, or all welded construction. Flat wheel, tapered wheel, and dual tapered wheel design. Available with RBO radial self-cleaning blades; RTS radial tip blades; BI backward inclined blades, or BC backward curved non-overloading blades. Alloy wheels are available in SS 316L, SS 304, SS 204, Hasteloy-206 alloy, monel, corten, FRP, and abrasion resistant construction. The pressure curve remains stable from wide open to closed off position without pulsation on all wheel designs.

Inlet flanges, outlet flanges, companion flanges: continuosly welded to match ANSI class 125/150, DIN, ISO, or custom hole pattern.

Shaft seals, Canada Blower low leakage, zero leakage, gas tight, airtight construction, staffing box, mechanical shaft seal: shafting is straightened to close tolerance to minimize "run-out" and ensure smooth operation. Ceramic shaft seal and lubricated shaft seals (Buna, Teflon, Viton) are standard. Red silicone gasketing, gas-purgeable, double carbon ring shaft seal, gas-tight, or airtight construction, and zero-leakage construction.

Heat fan construction up to 700 F: includes high temperature paint, shaft cooler, shaft-cooler guard, steel, or alloy wheel.

Cladding for sound attenuation and silencers: cladding consists of 2 inches mineral-wool insulation covered with a welded steel jacket. Acoustic cloth jackets. Inlet silencers/outlet silencers supplied with matching flanges, or inlet/outlet venturi with guard, or plain pipe connection.

Inlet filter assemblies: cartridge type, with polyester element / wire mesh oil wetted element / high flow synthetic element / paper element. Available with protective hood, or hood-silencer.